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Monday, September 24, 2007

Muah Chee

Its a slow day... thou I am still feeling rather tired... but since dear went sharking... I have nuthg better to do apart from doing my laundry... searched thru my looong list of to do list and saw the muahchee within it... and tot why nt give it a try...

I rem when I was young. mum will bring us to Shaung Lin Temple for prayers esp before our exams... and everytime when we go home we will buy this little pack of muah chee from the old lady at the door way... Guess that was how I fell in love with this yummy sticky snack...

Last year, I saw a lady selling this snack at a makeshift stall and so I bought a pack.. notice the way she did it is somewhat dfferent and I decided to ask her why she do this and that(curiosity got into me again).. with enuff info I gathered..today I did this

Its super easy.. can be done under 10 mins if u are fast if not.. well double the time .. still fast rite??

The dough

120g glutinous rice flour(I use elephant brand)
180-200g of water (I use eye power.. )
Some sesame seeds
few drops of shallot oil

1. Mix well and form a watery batter
2. Microwave the batter for 1 min, Repeat about 4 times (total about 5 mins).. so long as a firm yet not too hard dough is formed u can remove from the MW.

The 'dip'.(this is what I learnt fr the lady who sells this)

Shallot oil

Peanut Mix
6part of ground peanut (u can add some sesame seeds too)
1part of fine sugar

1. Oil ur scissor a little to prevent the dough from sticking too much on ur scissor(also help easier washing later on)
2. Cut out the dough and dip them into the shallot oil lightly(this is where the fragrance comes from)
3. put them in the peanut mix and roll to coat evenly...
4. Serve warm...