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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Emping aka Belinjo Cracker

Was craving for some papadam today... I ransacked my pantry and only found some dried Emping. Its actualy a kind of nut call Belinjo, and the nuts is use to make this crackers... Grace got them for me from Indonesia couple of months ago.. I was too lazy to fry them.. despite I love these too... procastination.... and so instead of papadam.. I deep fried these instead
Dry Emping

It only take a few second and they expand from thumb-sized semi-transparent chips to white fluffy crackers in odd shapes, as the small bubbles of air trapped in the flexible chips expanded.

After draining them fromt he oil.. I sprinkle some salt over and give it a good toss... since the crackers are kind of bitter to taste... (which I like, need to do so to cheat the rest into eating them since I now have 4 big pack of crackers waiting to be finish....

Suddenly... I tot of somethg.. mayb i should dip them into sambal.. just like in thai/indonesia restaurant, they give us prawn cracker and chilli to dip... CRUNCH CRUNCH