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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Comfort Food

Dear been feel sick for past few days... the lousy weather din help...
So when i ask him last night what shall we have for dinner today... he said: macaroni soup.. He likes soupy stuff

So I did a simple soup base with the chicken powder... light taste

With the meat ball he requested as well as the fish veggie roll.. din managed to get the fish dumpling thou.

On the side... I tot it will be good to make some veggies thou he said can jus simply put the veggie in macaroni as well... but I wanted sth different

Kai Lan with healthy beancurd skin and strawmushroom

The beancurd stick is tied into knots and soak till soften before use.. the knots, give a nice kind of crunch w/o the beancurd skin seperating into a mess...
very nice.. its almost vegetarian except it contains oyster sauce =)

And only today did I realise that I can merge my bloggerpost with the multiply ones hehe.. and so now my gf's office who block blogger, can continue to surf my blog via multiply ...