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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sausage Quesadilla

Roamed around the supermart today.. No idea what to cook for dinner... Im in the rest mode this 2 days since my crazy week is starting once again in few days time..
Dear normaly prefer non chinese and i tot perhaps doing some kind of wrap will be nice...
Trying to go easy on yummy and heavy food cos saturday we can have a BIG feast to celebrate our big day hehe...
And So I let him choose whathe wants for the filling apart from the regular tomato sauce, bacon and fresh mushroom. He opt for sausages.. and he chose the German Sausage.

Pretty Yummy.. esp since I did not add any kind of seasoning to the whole dish.. I only drizzle some Mango chilli sauce on top to give the Quesadilla a little kick since its rather dry (dear like sauces) on the outside.. but the mushroom gave alot of juice ..

onion, sliced
fresh mushroom, sliced
sausages, sliced
loads of mozerella
and watever u want..
tomato puree

1. Pan fry the sausages to get the oil out... set aside.. pan fry the bacon and mushroom in the same pan(this way the mushroom get flavour w/o additional salt)
2. spread some tomato puree on to the tortilla
3. sprinkle cheese over, add sausages, bacon and mushroom, then onions. fold over.
4. Grill slightly at 180degree to melt the cheese..
5. drizzle with mango chillis auce(optional)

Serve warm