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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Simple Breakfast By Dear

Being with dear together for 7 yrears.. he have rob never did bf for me despite he always buy me breakfast esp durign courtship days where u kknow he wun b ard for that 1 or 2 days.. he will start of fmy day with breakfast... (oh ya i dont have a habit of having bf hehe)

Prob the 1 and only time he cook me somethg fr scratch was more than 5 yr ago at his mum's pl where he cook me mee sua (with chicken cubes as soup base).. Other times its prob instant noodle(once in long long while)

Today, he MADE bf for me... haha.. im touch.. thou its very simple


Half boiled eggs with bread toast... the 'amazing' thg is.. he even bothr to slice the bread into half to make it thinner jus like YA KUN's bread... the only thg that was lacking was kaya since i din make any... (mayb i shld train him to make kaya?)

Thanx dear for the simple but special bf hehe... I look forward to the nxt one hehe..

Mayb I should just start trainign him to cook now in case nxt tiem if I give birth and no ppl cook for mi he shall be the one hee