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Thursday, September 28, 2006

My Apologies

Dear visitor.. especialy those who came to this blog to view my mooncake sales list.. Apologise that I did not post the full pricelist as I did not epect such over whealming response.. Apologise for some wrong info on the price..
By request of some of my frinedI sell the mooncakes =) thats the reason why I sell them so cheaply is because my main idea is not to make extreme profit. This is just to cover my hobby cost =).. thanx once again

As the date draws near.. i am closing order for the mooncakes except for the popular chocolate snowskin and the Teo Chew Yam ones.. thanx alot =)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Linda's Durian Mousse Cake

Posting this on behalf of my dear friend Linda

Her Durian Mousse Cake is fantastic! Using premium grade XO durian.. and soft like cotton sponge... Heavenly...
She is selling this cake and thus Im helping her to promote this cake. 7" for $38 and 10 " for $48... Worth buying since all ingredient are of premium grade... If U want to order.. drop me a mail or message..

I just cant stop eating this.. Lucky I went to take from her at Bishan just now hahah... luv it!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Chocolate Snow Skin Moonies..

Finaly attempted this..

Looks very black..very hard to see the design of the mould actualy.. the white patch is flour so that it will unmould nicely out.

So whats the filling??

suspense suspense suspense

Here it is...

I used chocolate lotus paste and also 1st time did mooncake with egg yolk!! Am i smart? hahahahaa
the yolk look oval thou.. maybe I press too hard?? haha moon become an pan bun hahaha

I hiao enuff to cut them up and arrange them like this.. yeah..moonies!!!


Verdict: Fantastic! People who tried them: Ginny, Edith, Caca,
um All gave thumbx up... caca commented its POWER.. while even Ginny is surprised it so heavenly.. maybe cos I used premium dark chocolate =)

Dear like it too... and I sure many more of my gf will LOVE it

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Yam Bun

Caca been pestering me for long long time eversince she ate Lucy's orh ni bun .. aka Yam bun.. I have no mood to do it since i need to buy yam steam mash and fry it then do the bun.. since im into the yammooncake now.. so I purposely leave soem yam for the bun inc ase she bug me non stop again.. my this sister is a yam freak like me..

Anyway .. my rolling of the bun nto as good as lucy when I saw her did.. so i was lazy.. just seal up the bun and bake it hahaha...

When the oven buzz me.. i can see 1 bun oozing out soem yam... cos I did not seal properly.. but i was thrilled..cos means i can eat the yam hahaha

I only did 10 bun since I dunno how it turn out..looks like i gotto make more soon

My Yam roll

Cross section view

老婆饼 Lao Po Bing

This is my favourite from HK... I only like the one from Qi Wah (奇华).. most of the time my friend will buy the wrong one.. always buy Weng wah aka 荣华one.. but I feel their LPB thou oki.. i still love the chewy one fr 奇华.. their 皮蛋酥is best too!!! weng wah really lose out.. dunno why they r still mroe popular to tourist.. I alwasy eat the latter till when i was stuck in Hk for 2 weeks in Feb due to chicken pox.. I was shopping ard and saw 奇华 shop.. decided to buy 1 with Don and try.. gosh.. so good.. even Serene think so.. and when I try their 皮蛋酥 it was heavenly...
Anyway Rachel got me 2 皮蛋酥 and 1 LPB back.. Im slowly eating them haha...
Im thankful seh got the right brand.. muackz... oh btw she say 奇华 oen is more ex than 荣华haha.. sure got high taste ahhhh

Looks thin rite.. but filling.. yummy.. contains winter melon inside =) yummy...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Red wine SnowSkin with red wine berries filling

Finaly did some snowskin mooncake today.. serene was around to play with the mooncake as well haha... she did her lotus pasteone.. an I gave her some of my limited edition rum and raisin to play with and also my chocolate lotus paste..wonder hw it taste... she took all home so i no chance lar..

Use my mini cartoon moulds for all these.. we love the doraemon one =)
Promised to take more photo nxt time i make.. I know these photos are a bit blur.. cos Im freaking tired.. esp after frying 3 yams... tomolo maybe i shall make the long awaited for yam bread.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Yet another Butter cake

I try out this Traditonal Butter Cake recipe from Kevin Chai 'I love Buttercake" book..

its very rich I think.. I dont know if I done the right method.. maybe tomorrow will ask Lucy when I pop by her house..

Looks ok right? but.. aiya dun ask me..anythg i bake i tell u its funny... *shrug*

Oh ya finaly mix my lotus psate.. gonna do my snow skin mooncake soon yeah!

3 dishes for 2 pax

At home, I hardly cook so much for 2 of us.. unless there is an occasion.. But today i just want to cook.. and so I bought whatever I feel like cooking at NTUC

Thread fin Steak was one of them... I literally grow up eating this fish.. apart from cod fish, thi sis one of the most expensive fish... Mum will steam it, fry it or cook it with porridge.. sometimes as fish soup as well... And I love it to the core... very sweet fish

Pan fried with sesame oil and ginger shreds... (a little like confinement food)

Next is the greens.. I saw 地皇苗.. tot i should try to cook it since its alwasy so yummy when we eatthem at zhi char stall

Fry with gaarlic and some Xo sauce..

Dear din really like this dish...

And main dish was chicken fried with mushroom.. in rice =) Fried rice lar

no salt added.. used fish sauce and pepper... and chicken had skin remove... healthy enuff??

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

O Jian

Been playing with flour whole day.. 1st wasmooncake, then radish cake.. now O jian..
O Jian is oyster omalette in hokkien... Dear and I absolutely love them.. esp with their fiery chilli sauce.. thou I dont have any of that.. I sed sambal olek.. Dear say its not bad heh... phew..heng ahh...

Blurry picture but I suppose can catch sigh of the oyster rite?? Oh ya.. I put alot of the parsley... we love them

TeoChew Mooncake

After many days of no cooking/baking.. Finally I do my all time fav mooncake

Attempted 2 different recipes and I like the 2nd one better... actualy i have more than 4 recipe for this mooncake.. scary uh...
Was tired since I did not have enough rest.. but Im glad these mooncakes turn out to be a group of beauties

If the verdict is good (judges will be Dear and people who get to eat it 1st.) I shall try to incorporate egg yolks in the yam filling... sounds good ahhhh

So who gets to eat them 1st? I would think it will be Rachel and Eileen as I will be meeting them for lunch tomolo..

Actualy I learnt to do this mooncake last year but i never got a chance to do it till now =) finaly motivations ets in.. and thus i get soem result... Dear call them moo cake... as usual.. always giving funny names to my cakes n stuff =) Wonder if he will like to eat anot

verdict: Dad spoke to me yeserday (26 sept), he say thi sis very good he likes it.. ask for more!! Dear loves it too *grin*

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bak Kut Teh

Made BKT the other day for dinner...
Din go market so I use Porkee frozen ribs.. i feel its very tough.. next time buy fresh one better..

I used Seah's BKT spice pack.. I bught A1 too..but decided to use the Seah one.. gonna compare which is better...
Added some pepper since Dear and I like peppery soup.. and also some pig intesting or rather we call it 粉肠. and 1 can of button mushroom.. and of cos 1 big pack of Tung o vege... shiok!!! we finished everything =)

If only we got you tiao as wel... wow...

Oh ya.. i aded loads of garlic too... =p

Deep Fry Wanton

Did Ssome fried wanton for supper.. Dear and I dun really eat supper... but I hand itchy wan to make.. outcome was good.. Greedy me put alot of fish paste... tsate yummy! but a bit salty since the fish paste is so...

Oh ya.. I use my newly acquired mango chilli sauce for the dip...
Dear love both =)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Steam Garlic Prawn with Brocolli

Inspired By Linda suggestion... So I got my feet down to do this

Very tasty..esp I added the fragrant garlic instead of normal one.. it was so spicy and choking... hahahaa.. .shiok!! think cos of the garlic lar.. digest my food faster.. so now im hungry again..

HOw to do this yummy dish?

prawns head remove.. and deveined
4 big cloves of garlic, chopped(if u dont liek so much just reduced accordingly)
some chilli chopped
shao xing wine about 1/2 cup
some egg white

Mix all except brocolli together.. then put brocolli on top of the mixture and steam about 15 mins...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cold dish- Cold tofu with Century Eggs and Tomato

Had fast food for lunch.. and chicken for dinner.. someow lacking some vitamins.. decided to do this simple tofu dish..

Actualy I am trying to copy the dish I had eaten at Oasis Teochew Porridge place. Its call cold tofu with century egg.. somehow the taste is not very similar as theirs but stillt ate great.. tomatoes were my additonal creativity since I have some in the fridge...

1 piece of tofu, steam cool it down then add some oyster sauce n chill it..
1 century egg cut into small pieces
1 large tomato

mix all together and serve cold.. very shiok...

Herbal Chicken.. aka Beggar's Chicken

Did a herbal Chicken for dinner today.. Mainly because I am sick of outside food.. and Im too lazy to cook and wash up extensively.. and thus this dish.. Bought a spring chicken (quite big thou) from cold storage.. looking out for the parson nose.. but they dont have it today..

The dish was real easy since I have the herb powder at hand..all I did was to wash the chicken remove visible fats and marinate themm.. oh ya i added some tong kwai slices as well.. I love that taste... If I have wolf berries at hand I would have added some too. to colour it and also its good for our eyes.

The chicken is very plain.. no 'make up' cos I want to quickly eat it while its hot.. I hate to eat warm or cold food...
Surprisingly, we both finish almost the whole chicken thou we had another side dish

Mango Egg Tart

Attempted egg tart finaly..and I thought since Ginny had a mango tart recipe it will be good to try.. since Dear love mango...

Took me quite some time to pinch in the dough ont he mould.. did a total of 20 tarts ( i only have that much mould.. )and oh ya I halve her recipe cos I know sure got alot left...

here it is

Friday, September 08, 2006

Oreo Cheesecake For Our Anniversary

Baked this cake as an indrect request of ah dear...
For our 4th Anniversary...

4 Septembers ago.. in a small town of Karlskrona at their City Hall, we had our ROM...

4 September later...we are now staying in Singapore in our own nest... =)

Hope Dear like this cake...
Thank you to all my friends who remembered our special day and for the well wishes.

Willpost the pic of the cut up cake after we cut it tonight

Many Hours later.. we cut this cake to eat... here is the interior

the taste is good.. cos I added some lemoncino liquere in the cheese mix whenbaking so the taste of lemon is very distinctive

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oyster Mee Sua

Did a fast dinner againt oday since I went out whole day.. wanted to reserved some energy for somethign else after dinner.. what is the something else? tomorrow u know...

I never really get an authentic oyster mee sua recipe.. and thus.. I rely on this

Quite close to what we get from those taiwanese stall.. but of cos cheaper since they sell 1 small bowl for $3 and I get this pack at $3.40.. it says serves 6 pax... I think only cold storgae sells it.. if I ever go overseas to stay like as in Sweden I think this is a must buy thing for me...

Anyway I added some chicken breast meat, and oyster of cos.. I cant get hold of any fresh one.. so no choice.. use the frozen ones.. surprisingly the oyster were really big n juicy compare to the fresh one.. yummy.. dear and I ate up everything thou it was meant for 6 pax... ermmm oh ya we of cos added loads of parsley and vinegar!!!

Here goes

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cukor plant bloomed today

I had a pleasant surprised today.
Thou my sleep was interupted this morning by many phone calls. When I finaly woke up, the 1st thing I alwasy do is to draw up the curtain nxt to my bed.. I want to say goodmorning to my cuko, curry, rosemary and Basil plants.. And today I got a pleasant surprised..
my cukor plant got this pretty flower greeting me

I got very excited.. cos I remember Pauline told me.. the flower will wither by noon... so I run off to get my camera.. snap a few shot... true enough.. by midday, the flower slowly withered away

Actualy somewhere last week the same plant got a flower like thing budding but somehow it did not managed to bloom.. and last 2 mth same thg happen too.. so I was really happy finaly it bloom..esp yesterday this flwoer was not there at all.. it happen so quickly overnight... Im really happy.. I sms Juliana and ask if hers flowered too.. since I just gave her some cukor plant last week...

Btw.. this cukor plant, we call it 莎姜 in chinese. The leaves is use to make Nasi Ulam... hope I can bear to part with some leaves and make nasi ulam soon

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Vegetarian Curry Mutton

Did a simple 1 pot dinner tonight..
Vegetarian Curry Mutton is always my family favourite when we go for vegetarian food...
Mumw ill always want to order 1 big bowl.. and its not cheap.
Actualy to buyt he raw gluten mutton is not cheap either and the vegetarian curry... I wanted to try so next tiem I can cook fr my family..esp 1st day of CNY....

This mutton is very delicious.. so end up I cook 2 pack instead of 1 pack.. cos after cooking the 1st pack. i ate some while waiting for dear.. I sms him say I dunno will b enuff anot.. e say better cook more in case not enuff.. he hardly ask mi cook more... why today ask me to do so leh?? cos he also like...hahahaha..
i added some brinjal... and tomatoes.. yum yum.. the curry quite spicy thou.. and I onli added water n evapourated milk.. no other seasoning.. shiok!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Panda Cake

Did a Panda cake...
I tot it was easy.. seems not.. since the black part is not easy to make... in fact I realised that cartoony or animal cake not easy tomake.. cos they look good on photo but they look ugly in real.... wonder if Fen think soo... I hooemy next order will not required me to do such thing liao.. abit paiseh leh.. hahaa.. I hope I can do those strawberry and fruits design...

And the writing i still think no standard yet.. haha.. Hope The birthday Boy will like it hahahaaa

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tomato Macaroni Cup

U can ask me how many times a day I gonan update my blog.. but I dont care.. cos I simply got too much to write and blogg bout my food now...

My dinner today

Dearlike it!! Yeah...
basicaly I was real lazy since I was very tired and waws baking Madelaines.. so I MW my macaroni in the MW oven.. then I added half a can of mushroom soup into the macaroni.. add a dash of pepper or two... then add them to my slice up tomato cup.. scope them in..
Oh yes. I added 2 garlic sausages too.. how can I survived w/o meat right?? then I top with mozerella cheese.. loads of them.. and 2 pc of cheddar cheeese.. we are cheese king here... and sprinkle with some mixed hebrs before I chuck it intot he oven to bake for as long as i wanted... i think for 45 mins at least since I bake my spogne for at least 30 mins.. yes they were saunaing together int here hahaa...

Serve with some freshly grind black pepper...
The timatoe will be bursting with juice if u dont cut them up.. which i did not for 2 of them... so u get warm tomato juice with macaroni...

Vewrdict: I will do this many time smore.. esp for Xmas.. so easy!!!! and i will add more button mushroom.. and perhaps some bacon too!!!

Delifrance Madelaines

After weeks of pushing off.. Finaly I did these.. I mixed themixture last night and left it over night as required.. baked it today

Thou I have not eatent he Delifrance version.. but think this is reallyg ood... I added some Cointreau into the mixture.. but I think I can add more!!! yeahh no need to try Delifrance one for me...
Will leave it overnight and see howmuch the taste improve since feedback was they taste better over night

Single Bulb Garlic

Finaly after more than 1 week of intenseive hunting.. I found the garlic I wanted.. some people call it 'fragrant garlic" while some call it single bulb garlic.. and we also call it 独蒜 or 独头蒜。

I found it at NTUC just now finaly.. not cheap.. cost a freaking $1.50 per bundle.. compared with the normal cloves garlic... its about 50% more expensive..

This is normal garlic.. u can see fromt he exterior it got quite a few cloves with 1 bulb..

This is the single bulb garlic... look a little like onion...
I mention in my earlier post bout using it for infusing with honey for 3 months and let Dear eat it.. soon I can do it..hope I can do it later...

Baking marathon today again...

Ice Cream Maker

Amrita had kindly pass me her ice cream maker... I had offer to pay her a token sum since she say its collecting dust in her storeroom.. but she dont want... I feel quite bad actualy... Dont want people to think I make use of her.. but she insist not taking any token sum.. so i decided.. i will look for that cookie cutter for her when I go HK again and ger her those as exchange. Then i wont feel as bad...

Anyway here is the maker... a small one..like she said, its too small for her family... so it become a white elephant at home..

The funny thing was.. after like 6 years of making my own icecream at home (w/o icecream maker).. last night when i took this out to clean and so I can store, I was surprised by what a ice-cream maker look like... the bowl itself is actualy a holoow bowl fill with liquid (maybe water or gel?) and U have to freeze it for 1 day before u can use it to make icecream.. I think its same theory when I did my home made ice cream last time.. my cream that used to whip, must be frozen, then whip. So now with a bowl like that.. i supposed I do not have to freeze my cream 1st again...

Very much Thanx to Amrita for letting me have a chance to lay hands on the ice-cream maker. else I think I will never go and buy 1... at least not in the near future.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bluesky Breadmaker

Was thinking what to post here.. since Im more active in my food blog nowadays... decided to post my gadgets slowly here...
1st let me introduce my breadmaker.. Its my Bluesky breadmaker.

Its a Carrefour housebrand.. the latest I heard of was they are currently out of stock... I got this somewhere this year.. forgot when.. but really good
since all I do is pop in all the ignredients.. press start and then it will knead my dough and proof my 1st proofig.. then I take out shape and put whatever filling I like.. proof again in oven then bake.. yummy!!

Also this breadmaker here is great.. cos it can make jam/kaya... can make many kind of dough.. think it have at least 12 function... I love it to bits..

My kitchen is full house now.. so it is staying permanently in my living room.. soon my house will be over flooded with gadget.. and I think I may need to have a shelf in living room for them all soon...

This is a highly recommended applicaes for those who liek to make bread but dont have a powerful mixer at home...

Friday, September 01, 2006

Mango Peach Smoothie

Was trying to clear up the fridge for some space.. so I used up half of the canned peach I had.. and the yoghurt.. then added the freshly bought mango... was a bit sour.. think the mangois nottoo ripe tat why.. so I added a bit of the canned peach syrup.. still dear find it a bit sourish.. but he is ok with it...

2 peaches, 2 mangoes, some yoghurt and ice cube.. blend till smooth and drink chill... yummy

Chocolate Mayo Cake

Finaly did this logn awaited cake.. it uses no egg or butter.. but mayo instead..

This is the 1st time I make a cake with a hand whisk... no machine required..

nice soft and fluffy..

Thanx to Ginny for this recipe.. I modified the recipe abit..

110g mayo
125ml buttermilk
1 tsp vanilla essence
120g plain flour
20g good quality coco powder
1 1/2 tsp bicarbonate soda
120g sugar

1) Line a 7" square baking tin with parchment paper.
2) Sift flour, cocoa and bicarbonate soda together.
3) Place the sugar and sifted flour mixture into a bowl.
4) In a separate bowl, mix the mayo, vanilla essence and buttermilk till smooth.
5) Add mayo mixture to the flour and mix till the batter is smooth.
6) Pour mixture into prepared pan and bake at 170 deg C for 30 minutes.

I use 120 ml of milk added 1 1/2 tsp of lemon juice to replace buttermilk.. since buttermilk is not easy to get and expensive too.
Good quality coco powder is very important... because the mayo taste will sort of cover the smell and taste of coco... thus making the cake very bland.