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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oyster Mee Sua

Did a fast dinner againt oday since I went out whole day.. wanted to reserved some energy for somethign else after dinner.. what is the something else? tomorrow u know...

I never really get an authentic oyster mee sua recipe.. and thus.. I rely on this

Quite close to what we get from those taiwanese stall.. but of cos cheaper since they sell 1 small bowl for $3 and I get this pack at $3.40.. it says serves 6 pax... I think only cold storgae sells it.. if I ever go overseas to stay like as in Sweden I think this is a must buy thing for me...

Anyway I added some chicken breast meat, and oyster of cos.. I cant get hold of any fresh one.. so no choice.. use the frozen ones.. surprisingly the oyster were really big n juicy compare to the fresh one.. yummy.. dear and I ate up everything thou it was meant for 6 pax... ermmm oh ya we of cos added loads of parsley and vinegar!!!

Here goes