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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ice Cream Maker

Amrita had kindly pass me her ice cream maker... I had offer to pay her a token sum since she say its collecting dust in her storeroom.. but she dont want... I feel quite bad actualy... Dont want people to think I make use of her.. but she insist not taking any token sum.. so i decided.. i will look for that cookie cutter for her when I go HK again and ger her those as exchange. Then i wont feel as bad...

Anyway here is the maker... a small one..like she said, its too small for her family... so it become a white elephant at home..

The funny thing was.. after like 6 years of making my own icecream at home (w/o icecream maker).. last night when i took this out to clean and so I can store, I was surprised by what a ice-cream maker look like... the bowl itself is actualy a holoow bowl fill with liquid (maybe water or gel?) and U have to freeze it for 1 day before u can use it to make icecream.. I think its same theory when I did my home made ice cream last time.. my cream that used to whip, must be frozen, then whip. So now with a bowl like that.. i supposed I do not have to freeze my cream 1st again...

Very much Thanx to Amrita for letting me have a chance to lay hands on the ice-cream maker. else I think I will never go and buy 1... at least not in the near future.