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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Organic Apple Cider Honey drink

Recently my friend Vi from Romania taught me bout a drink for nose allergy... so finaly today i got up and buy the apple cider vinegar and make some for dear...

Actualy, its almost the same as what dad does.. just that this is for drinking... I made for dear to try.. hoping can help his nose allergy.. he been having very block nose recently... else I will start him off the garlic honey..which i will mention later on...

The apple vinegar drink.. well.. it goes like this

1 glass of cold water
1 tsp of raw, organic apple cider vinegar
2 tsp of honey (preferbly organic)

mix well and drink..
it is a bit sourish.. but witht he honey it should taste ok... Gave dear 1 glass just now.. it was acceptable for him thou he say a bit sourish... guess as time passes he will get use to it...

Vi said thi sis good for sinus.. so I hope it works.. else I gotto get down to work.. and do the following for dear to try as well.

Garlic Honey

I learnt this during the trip to Cameron.

At a bee farm.. an old couple who runs the farm was showing us their products... different kind of honey.. they have ginseng honey, and garlic honey.. the old uncle specificaly mention that the garlic honey is for people with sensitive nose.. which I think its heaven's will... why he dont recommend his ginseng honey.. yet recommend the pungent garlic one?? since dear had nose allergy.. I was very interested in this.. and ask for sample.. The 1st thing dear react was.. 'taste funny' haha cos it really taste like eating raw garlic.. the smell the taste.. was so distinct.. but We kind of like garlic in our food.. so I thought prob he will be ok with it after awhile.. I said I will buy 1 fo rhim to try but he was reluctant.. somehow i managed to persuade him to try ... cost like RM$35 per small bottle as below..

I was unsure if it rally works for nose allergy.. not that I dont believe the old man.. but garlic itself have got naturaly healing and anti bacterial property but to soak in honey for months then eat... haha i think thats new.. Anyway I ask if they supply to other countries inc ase it really work and I want to buy more... no they said.. onli in cameron..arghhhh but the good thing was the uncle very kindly taught me how to do the same garlic honey.. he said it will be the same.. just need to buy honey and garlic... but need the special one thou..

As u can see from above.. the garlic look very round.. it is the single garlic or rather in chinese we call it 独蒜。it is more fragrant if u use it to cook and rare.. so far after going to 5 places I cant find this..
All u need to do is peel them clean.. bash them up a little clean with dry cloth, and soak them in honey for 3 months.. if u dont bash them up then u soak for 6 month...
Eat the garlic.. eat about 3 piece every morning n nite for 1 month and u shld be able to see the effect.. the honey can be used to make honey drink as well..
Already I have other plans.. I thought of making honey garlic ribs/chicken with the honey haha... i think it will be very BEST...

Hope to find the garlic soon so I can try to create my own garlic honey

As of the last time I spoke to Joai Thong bout this garlic honey.. he kindly sent me this link and they also show the smiliar garlic honey recipe.. also tells us in depth bout the garlic uses...