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Saturday, March 31, 2007


Finaly after long long hibernation no big dinner at home.. here goes

Fry beehoon with bamboo shoot shreds, chicken shred, capsicum shreds... yummy... oh.. season w fish sauce...
Wasabi Mayo Prawns.. yummy
Sambal Bamboo Clams...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Korean Rice Cake

Went to the korean shop behind Amara hotel during CNY period.. got many ignredient to make rice cake and bibimbap..

Finaly today.. I attempted the rice cakes... I 1st ate it at the korean restaurant at Mosque St... very yummy.. very spicy too... instead of maggie mee, they use korean tang hoon to add in the dish.. FYI , the korean tang hoon is terribly expensive.. 1 pack about $8 plus..

Anyway, in the restaurant, they serve this on a hot plate.. and today finaly I understand why... because the rice cake turn kind of hard aft its cool down.. so best consume hot! So tempted to buy the hot plate now... hehe...

Here goes

Many thanx to Priscilia who share her recipe with me.

Cupcakes again

Well I did cupcake again.. Try out my Raffles' friend's recipe.. compare to the muffin one he told mi, this is much better.
I added cherry to the plain one...
Nxt time can add more.. sicne this is onli testing so I did not add so much.
This is oreo cookies cupcake... soft yet crunchy.. I love it.. added some chocolate paste too.. Yes i did not take out the cream in between the oreo.. since baking it.. so I guess I need that wonderful cream in between as 'taste' for the over all cake.. yummy.. I think nxt time when I do chill oreo cheesecake, I shall keep the cream.. add them inthe cupcake for added flavour... wahhahaa..sinfullll

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Preparing for my mass demo nxt week

In preparation for a mass demo at AIG nxt week.. I tried out this today...

Non Bake cheesecake

Used oreo cookies as base.

I think it taste not too bad except there are some cheese lump inside... and this is bcause i froze my cheese to keep them longer... next time I shall not freeze the cheese... no mattter how long i thaw.. its still lumpy.. gave 3/4 of the cake to Angie and colleagues.. the other 2 pcs was to Amrita.. then 1 I ate myself for food tasting...
Now I can type my recipe properly and send them for printing in preparation for next week's class.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cupcake frenzy

Dear got me 3 baking/cake decor book from Perth.. and for the past 1 week I been holding on to them everytime im free at home.. to read read read n read.. i think I read 100times liao...
and the result??

here goes

Strawberry Swirl Butter Cupcake

Chocolate Cupcake topped with rose bud.. . Giving it to Lily and Anthony

and this is for dad's birthday...
I tried to make a cherry chocoalte cake..but it flop... well guess gotto try again...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dim Sum

Haven been baking.cooking much nowadays.. but last nite I attempted these...

Hargow... pardon my ugly pleating... the prawn is crunchy. however I need to try again on the skin...
Xiaolongbao....i made a few onli 2 look like XLB hahaha
Knowing my dimsum atempt will fail... so I made some chicken porridge with century egg as back up.... top w left over prawns from the har gow as well as fry wanton skin