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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Korean Rice Cake

Went to the korean shop behind Amara hotel during CNY period.. got many ignredient to make rice cake and bibimbap..

Finaly today.. I attempted the rice cakes... I 1st ate it at the korean restaurant at Mosque St... very yummy.. very spicy too... instead of maggie mee, they use korean tang hoon to add in the dish.. FYI , the korean tang hoon is terribly expensive.. 1 pack about $8 plus..

Anyway, in the restaurant, they serve this on a hot plate.. and today finaly I understand why... because the rice cake turn kind of hard aft its cool down.. so best consume hot! So tempted to buy the hot plate now... hehe...

Here goes

Many thanx to Priscilia who share her recipe with me.