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Friday, March 26, 2010

Huai Shan Pao Sheng Chicken Soup

I have loads of tonics pdts in my fridge since we bought quite a fair bit when I was preg... Bought so much that I literally forgot what I have.. diggign thru.. I thinkt his is the easiest to get rid.. pao sheng...

Saw some fresh huai shan at Carrefour yesterday when I was out shopping w the lil fella since she was super cranky n sticky to me due to her cold. And I tot its good to add this into her porridge too.. Definitely 1 whole huai shan is too much for her.. So some shall go to the papa and mummy's tummy...

And here goes...

Huai Shan Pao Sheng Chicken Soup

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fusion Pasta

My blogging mood is back =p

Did another quick n easy (not as quick as the steak thou) dinner...
Had a bottle of 4 cheese sauce fr M&S.. and to clear my freezer.... I boiled the scallops, fried the white bait.. as well as use some flying fish roe... cleared my bottle of pasta as well! How nice!!!

Here I got a 4 cheese fusioned pasta!

Monday, March 22, 2010


I know I been MIA. Tpp busy w the lil one that I barely have time to blog.. I been baking for orders thou. And not forgetting cooking.
Saw some ribeye at the supermart yesterday and tot its a good idea to cook steak since I have not cook steak for quite a long while. And I have some brown sauce mix in the fridge which I got from Swiss butchery few weeks back while doing my grocery there.

Just have to season the steak w some salt n pepper

Placed it on the grill pan..

Let it sizzle on 2 min per side...

and here we get the steak done..

probably nxt rnd I shall just grill it for 1 min 30 sec since the dear one said its a bit too cooked for his liking. He prefers somethg bloody *faint*