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Monday, March 22, 2010


I know I been MIA. Tpp busy w the lil one that I barely have time to blog.. I been baking for orders thou. And not forgetting cooking.
Saw some ribeye at the supermart yesterday and tot its a good idea to cook steak since I have not cook steak for quite a long while. And I have some brown sauce mix in the fridge which I got from Swiss butchery few weeks back while doing my grocery there.

Just have to season the steak w some salt n pepper

Placed it on the grill pan..

Let it sizzle on 2 min per side...

and here we get the steak done..

probably nxt rnd I shall just grill it for 1 min 30 sec since the dear one said its a bit too cooked for his liking. He prefers somethg bloody *faint*