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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blue Berry Muffin

I been on a baking craze.. Baking like 2 items a day for the past week... Most of the time is either to test out recipes... and of cos to feed myself LOL.. not forgetting that I need to clear my pantry n freezer...

Been on lazy mode so no pics.. until today =p

Did blueberry muffins... with cinammon powder added..
Saw the recipe at Daily delicious and tot its worth giving a try!
Oh well.. no regrets hee...

Pardon me for the blurry pic.. my hand been very shaky recently... weak weak weak! and my micron lens is very sensitive to movement...sigh.. But good muffins makes mi day!!!
2 more box of blueberries to clear!!! I saw an strussel muffin or some sort on Daily's site.. mayb I shall give it a try hehe