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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Butter cake

Over the years.. I been searching high n low for a good butter cake recipe..
1 that is not too dense... not too soft like cotton...
My benchmark for nice butter cake.. was set when I was young.. Big aunt will always visit us with a box of sliced butter cake she buy from the near by bakery at her place. The cake is always soft n fragrant...

Anyway... I saw Florence baked this butter cake and I told myself I must try since her recipe always work well for me.
This recipe calls for Golden churn butter.. and well I supose its realy good since it makes the cake v moist haha not forgetting... the whip cream plays a big part in it too...

After 1 hour of mixing, baking, washing up.. my cake is ready!!

Butter Cake

It sure looks dense... But dun get fooled!! Its soft too!! Not forgetting sinful haha... its not too sweet.. could taste a little salt in it too which is great!
I gt too hungry I ate 2 slice at 1 go for my tea break... Im gg to giv half to Agnes later on.. while reserving the rest for BF tomolo as well as to let dear have a piece (or 2?).

I have some left over cream.. and I guess I be baking this again pretty soon!!!