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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fish Slice Mee Sua

We are due to visit 1 of our friend and their new born later today. Edna is napping. I haven got an idea what to have for brunch. we went to Giant last night and spent some $200 on grocery... imagine its at Giant and im spending that much! and most of the food stuff belongs to Edna! It prob will last her 1 week. The fish is a killer.. i think fish alone was like $50 bucks! I bought her the cream snapper which she had eaten some time back. I try to stock up more since now i dont frequent Isetan so often as I drive to school. I encounter some days where i got no food for her and need to run down to get her some meat.

Anyway, since the fridge is filled up with her grocery, I took some of it and transform it to our food!

I marinated the fish with some sesame oil, pepper and soy sauce. and cook it with the vege stock made from the play cheat method aka stock cube. Add some chinese spinach... thats our brunch!