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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cukor plant bloomed today

I had a pleasant surprised today.
Thou my sleep was interupted this morning by many phone calls. When I finaly woke up, the 1st thing I alwasy do is to draw up the curtain nxt to my bed.. I want to say goodmorning to my cuko, curry, rosemary and Basil plants.. And today I got a pleasant surprised..
my cukor plant got this pretty flower greeting me

I got very excited.. cos I remember Pauline told me.. the flower will wither by noon... so I run off to get my camera.. snap a few shot... true enough.. by midday, the flower slowly withered away

Actualy somewhere last week the same plant got a flower like thing budding but somehow it did not managed to bloom.. and last 2 mth same thg happen too.. so I was really happy finaly it bloom..esp yesterday this flwoer was not there at all.. it happen so quickly overnight... Im really happy.. I sms Juliana and ask if hers flowered too.. since I just gave her some cukor plant last week...

Btw.. this cukor plant, we call it 莎姜 in chinese. The leaves is use to make Nasi Ulam... hope I can bear to part with some leaves and make nasi ulam soon