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Monday, September 25, 2006

Chocolate Snow Skin Moonies..

Finaly attempted this..

Looks very black..very hard to see the design of the mould actualy.. the white patch is flour so that it will unmould nicely out.

So whats the filling??

suspense suspense suspense

Here it is...

I used chocolate lotus paste and also 1st time did mooncake with egg yolk!! Am i smart? hahahahaa
the yolk look oval thou.. maybe I press too hard?? haha moon become an pan bun hahaha

I hiao enuff to cut them up and arrange them like this.. yeah..moonies!!!


Verdict: Fantastic! People who tried them: Ginny, Edith, Caca,
um All gave thumbx up... caca commented its POWER.. while even Ginny is surprised it so heavenly.. maybe cos I used premium dark chocolate =)

Dear like it too... and I sure many more of my gf will LOVE it