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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

TeoChew Mooncake

After many days of no cooking/baking.. Finally I do my all time fav mooncake

Attempted 2 different recipes and I like the 2nd one better... actualy i have more than 4 recipe for this mooncake.. scary uh...
Was tired since I did not have enough rest.. but Im glad these mooncakes turn out to be a group of beauties

If the verdict is good (judges will be Dear and people who get to eat it 1st.) I shall try to incorporate egg yolks in the yam filling... sounds good ahhhh

So who gets to eat them 1st? I would think it will be Rachel and Eileen as I will be meeting them for lunch tomolo..

Actualy I learnt to do this mooncake last year but i never got a chance to do it till now =) finaly motivations ets in.. and thus i get soem result... Dear call them moo cake... as usual.. always giving funny names to my cakes n stuff =) Wonder if he will like to eat anot

verdict: Dad spoke to me yeserday (26 sept), he say thi sis very good he likes it.. ask for more!! Dear loves it too *grin*