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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Herbal Chicken.. aka Beggar's Chicken

Did a herbal Chicken for dinner today.. Mainly because I am sick of outside food.. and Im too lazy to cook and wash up extensively.. and thus this dish.. Bought a spring chicken (quite big thou) from cold storage.. looking out for the parson nose.. but they dont have it today..

The dish was real easy since I have the herb powder at hand..all I did was to wash the chicken remove visible fats and marinate themm.. oh ya i added some tong kwai slices as well.. I love that taste... If I have wolf berries at hand I would have added some too. to colour it and also its good for our eyes.

The chicken is very plain.. no 'make up' cos I want to quickly eat it while its hot.. I hate to eat warm or cold food...
Surprisingly, we both finish almost the whole chicken thou we had another side dish