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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Yam Bun

Caca been pestering me for long long time eversince she ate Lucy's orh ni bun .. aka Yam bun.. I have no mood to do it since i need to buy yam steam mash and fry it then do the bun.. since im into the yammooncake now.. so I purposely leave soem yam for the bun inc ase she bug me non stop again.. my this sister is a yam freak like me..

Anyway .. my rolling of the bun nto as good as lucy when I saw her did.. so i was lazy.. just seal up the bun and bake it hahaha...

When the oven buzz me.. i can see 1 bun oozing out soem yam... cos I did not seal properly.. but i was thrilled..cos means i can eat the yam hahaha

I only did 10 bun since I dunno how it turn out..looks like i gotto make more soon

My Yam roll

Cross section view