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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

3 dishes for 2 pax

At home, I hardly cook so much for 2 of us.. unless there is an occasion.. But today i just want to cook.. and so I bought whatever I feel like cooking at NTUC

Thread fin Steak was one of them... I literally grow up eating this fish.. apart from cod fish, thi sis one of the most expensive fish... Mum will steam it, fry it or cook it with porridge.. sometimes as fish soup as well... And I love it to the core... very sweet fish

Pan fried with sesame oil and ginger shreds... (a little like confinement food)

Next is the greens.. I saw 地皇苗.. tot i should try to cook it since its alwasy so yummy when we eatthem at zhi char stall

Fry with gaarlic and some Xo sauce..

Dear din really like this dish...

And main dish was chicken fried with mushroom.. in rice =) Fried rice lar

no salt added.. used fish sauce and pepper... and chicken had skin remove... healthy enuff??