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Friday, August 24, 2007

Hubby Pie

Hubby PieCan be prepared 20 years ahead.


1 hard-skinned hubby
1 comfortable sofa

1 TV remote control
6 pack of beer
1 hot dog
1 bag chips
1 family size pizza
1 large serve nacho
1 grilled cheese sandwich
15 years patience
Lifetime of loving care
1 ounce of resignation

Cram one thick-skinned hubby into a well worn greased and comfortable sofa and leave to set (probably will take length of one sport show), remove from family room and bring to kitchen to finish filling.

Mix TV remote control, chip bag, pizza, hotdog, nachos and cheese sandwich on a large tray.
Add six pack of beer slowly (to avoid excess gas), bind with a lot of patience, loving care and resignation.
Be careful to place hubby and filling carefully back in front of the TV so as not to disturb the view of the screen and leave to solidify indefinitely.

Head back to your computer and have a marvellous time chatting with your online friends UNDISTURBED!!!(Or, go SHOPPING!)