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Friday, August 24, 2007

Beef Burger

Dear and I are BIG fans of beef.. and so anythg beef that is juicy and nice we will like it..
The other day Lindfa was showing her beef burger and it really do look good... so with a little tips here n there from her, I made my version of beef burger...

The bread is from Deck.. Tomato bread... Very soft n fluffy... and I made a total of 8 beef patty... we had it for dinner and supper.. slurp...

very easy to make

500g minced beef or other meat
sundried tomatoes
jalepeno peppers
rolled oats (half to 3/4 cups)
mozarella cheese (half to 3/4 cups)
4 basil leaves
1 large yolk

Mix all together.. season with salt n pepper, form into patty and pan fry or grill them till the doness u want... serve piping hot..
I put a pc of cheddar cheese ont he bread, MV it for 8 sec to melt it and sandwich the patty in between.. YUMMY.. oh yes its spicy too due to the jalepeno peppers...