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Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Mini Bar

Im no party girl... for i tink... I party so little that ppl are surprised, given that.. im an 'alcoholic'.. yes i am... since my 1st glass of wine at work in the Navy (forced by the guys bleahhh)... tat got me started... well drinking is part of the Navy culture, or should I say SAF culture... of cos there is a group who prob dun like alcohol in there.

Thought getting out of the SQN will get mi out of the drinking group.. who knows my group of colelagues at MINDEF was worse.. there, they prob drink hard liqueur till DROP when they go party (I think I have never gone partying with them thou) but every BBQ or gathering... im sure someone or some TWO will get drunk...

Then with dear.. well of cos.. there is not getting out of the loop either.. And in fact some of us (the wives) drink more than the hubby haha.. Red wine thats it... Still im no good drinker... just a moderate one.. until when We got overseas for work for the 1 1/2 year.. the 2 weeks holiday up north was enuff to let the boss trained me and dear up again... with the nightly drinks at the hotel lounge or cruise... beer, cocktail, wine etc... plus the occasional pub hang out w them... and that was how I got expose to beer.. I never like beer at all previously... But I learn to take Hoegaarden, which is now 1 of my fav..

So of cos i have a mini bar at home... thou its not really consider a bar.. since its all shelved up...

I love to collect vodka.. maybe cos its always coming up with new ones and the colourful bottle just make it looks nice... and of cos its a Swedish product. they have a limited editon black bottled ones which i haven gt a chance to buy.. of cos many other flavours which i wish to have too... thou i tink more than half are unopened... the pear one taste good... if u mix some 100plus with it... while the plain ones i love to make my vanilla extract with it... currant ones will goes so nicely w my ribena... and vanila.. perhaps can go w my root beer float... hehe

Other collect also consist of the Grand marnier, baileys, kahlua, rum series.. which I link them w my baking passion.. for my tiramisu, fruit cake, chocolate cake and even mooncake making etc...

My vrey rare Amaretto which I got 2 precious bottles of it... and Kirsch which is my 1 and onli taxable local bought hard liqueur cos i cant find it anywhere at DFS... Yes all my alcohol are fr DFS.. thanx to my gfs/their hubby who help get them.. and when i go overseas..

My Malibu ones are a great help to mi when I make cocktail like pina colada, which dear and I used to entertain ourselves on some nites esp when he does go on long leave.. I will mix cocktail everynite...

then there is my Win carnis, which faithfuly helps mi in my cooking esp when I want to make chicken with it..

Then there is dear supplies of red wine... this is only 1 portion of it.. the bulk are all stored in the cupboard... most of the time he will drink 1 glass every nite.. i hardly join him unless i got the mood hehe

And these are our back ups--- Beers at 1 corner... err just for the 2 of us to drink and drown in them...

And this is my very precious from Prague.. 1 of them is the cherry liqueur.. but I REFUSE to use it for my black forest haha.. of cos U should know why.. .

and im too embarass to show all my barcadi in the cupboard and fridge hahahaa

well.. im no alcoholic.. but i love alcohol.. what irony... heehee