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Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Last of my Mooncakes

Yesterday.. I had the last lap of my mooncake baking/making session....

These are for mum's friends

Traditional Baked Mooncakes with single yolk

Shanghai Mooncakes for my friends

SnowSkin Mooncake with mango filling n macademia nuts

Somethg funny happen after I deliver the mooncakes to the dental clinic yesterday... caca n her friend was with me, supposed to drop them at sim lim... then I gave her friend 1 of this mango mooncake since Im just trying them out.. and i have extras anyway... since she bought quite a couple of boxes of moocnake from me.. so I offered her 1 more big mooncake to bring home n try ... as I was driving.. we heard some funny sound.. and suddenly caca exclaimed: wah.. u are eating the mooncake now?? I turn back.. and I saw her friend holding the whole mooncake n biting it off... just like a burger.. I dunno to laugh or cry... she sure loves my mooncake... cos being the 'maker'.. i smell too much flour already i cant even taste if its nice anot ... so I asked her... 'dun u find it disgusting to eat so much at 1 go?' she commented its v nice and not gerlak... so can eat as much as possible.. I really want to faint... haha
to laugh or to cry I reallyd unno
But am glad there are ppl who really appreciate my moonies... gives me more confident to sell more next year =)