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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fruitty Tarttie Tarts

Wonder what is this???

Its my home made tart shells...

Yesterday I was in the kind of baking n cooking kind of mood... So I tot I wanted to try baking some fruit tarts.

After doing the shell.. I realise.. I ran out of eggs... my fridge is normally well stock with at least 20 pcs of egg at any time... Guess my mooncake making is killing me by not having time to go down to the supplier for my regular tray of eggs.

Obviously I still haven got my eggs yet.. but my friend share her no egg custard recipe with me... and so today i got my butt down to making them so I can share w my cousin whom I am meeting later and also for my family...

Used mainly starwberry and kiwi.. I have some organic black berries left as well as blue berries...
The Custard is just nice... nt too sweet.. and not too thick.. Yummy

Custard Recipe

30g custard powder
60g sugar
300ml milk
a pinch of salt

Mix well and bring to boil at low fire.
Stir till thicken... if U find it too thick.. add more milk
I liek to add some vanilla pods to it.. so the specks of tiny weeny pods give some surprises.. but I ran out of pods today.. waiting for DHL to bring over for mi from States