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Monday, September 17, 2007

Cha Soba (My Version)

Cha Soba literaly means tea soba since it is made of wheat flour, buckwheat flour and of cos green tea.

In a proper Jap restaurant... Cha soba is always serve on top a pile of ice since this dish is often known as cold noodle.

Of cos.. it will be topped with some shredded seaweed.. and accompanied by a dipping bowl of soup where U dip the cold noodles into it...

I dont have the seaweed at home.. Lazy to freshen up the dried ones... I decided to come up with my own version.. topping it with shredded carrot as well as fresh shitake mushroom.. (just to save the effort of cooking the seaweed??) Not forgetting my sprinkled sesame seeds... FragRant!