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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Strawberry Agar Agar Mooncake

Dear wasnt home during my last lap of mooncake frenzy.. when i was all done.. I was very reluctant to go to rest,,, so my itchy hand.. decided to make some agar agar mooncake for fun thou im no fan of agar agar...

After an hour or so... well I emerge w my Strawberry"wisdom mooncake"..

why Wisdom?

heee look here

The cross section of the mooncake..doesnt it look like the shape of the tooth? hehe... I had the filling done in another mould since i dun hav a mould small enuff for the filling and hence this shape.. mayb can I call it Dracula mooncake? hehe ...full moon mah hahahaa

With the left over 'skin filling' , I took out my new strawberry ice cube cum jjello mould for this.. the mould been with me for like 4 years.. finaly im using it hehe...

Strawberry shape strawberry agar agar..

look closer to the texture of the agaragar.. u see they actualy gt the holey motiff from the mould too.. so cute...