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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Matcha Macaron

Finaly after much attempt... today is my day...

Despite nursing a horrible backache.. I decided to try makin mac again*2nd time for this week) and its my number dunno how many attempt (mayb 7th?)

Anyway.. the delicate french pastry... pronounce as "macahoon" in french, is not to b trifled with... its sooo sooo sensitive.. err perhaps.. can I describe them like modern women?? Sensitive.. yet nice n sweet.. addictiveif u r really interested in them.. and perhaps.. never sick of them ever again... anyway thou I tink its pretty easy to get the feets.. In this attempt, Im not very satisfied with it, I think I gonna settle for this for now... enough of buying almond meals hehe

Decided to do the Matcha ones since I am hopin the bitter matcha can neutralise the sweetness within the cookie itself.. Dusted some matcha powder over the stillw et mac... and wait for it to dry

Here is how it looks like while drying... the feet is still not visible..

While I was baking my 2nd tray of these babes.. dear walk past my oven and he exclaimed: wah feet!... now I guess I dont have to tell u hw many times I been baking them already..even dear knows the 'feet'

Finaly after many kosong(plain) macaron inthe past.. now I can present it with fillign sicne its already a success =)

Did some bitter chocolate ganache to sandwich it with... keeping finger cross I added enuff alcohol to prevent myself from getting migraine n headache fr the sugar n chocolate

Now.. do u see the feet??

While snapping poto of this babes.. I subconsciously ate up about 6 to 8 pcs of them... the ting of matcha is nice.. while the not too sweet shell...

Thanx to all my friends who been offering me advice on how to chase this babes.. I guess my chase is finaly over...

Gave the above to Eileen and my sis to try.. both of themliek ti very much.. Eileen have heard of macaron while caca have onli seen in my blog... both gave thumbs up with caca requesting for more... looks like.. a new experiment w other flavour is coming up =)