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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I got this award again???


anyway.. I shall pas it to just 1 blogger this time around.. so that not too many ppl get it.. else its too common rite?

Anyway I got the award from Jottings of Life.. and I guess Im passing it on to Cecily...

AND.. I got 1 more here... creative Blogger award.. hmmm 3 award in a week.. (in an arrogant tone): what award should I get nxt week then?? Kidding hor.. anyway dun it sounds familiar?? star awards viewer will know what I meant hahaa...

K K ... who can I pass this to??

Got it from Judy and Im gg to give it to.... Amrita... she is 1 creative girl..given her age =) and also for her every pretty creation of her bake andher knowledge imparted to me.. =) way to go girl...