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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Well Its 中秋节 again..。。

Instead of having chinese tea and eating mooncake, er had something else..

As usual, we are always pushing the decision of whats for dinner to each other..today we decided to write on a piece of paper and show each other where we want to eat.. and dear wrote 'dumplings'.. for awhile I was thinking WHAT DUMPLING?? Then he say.. with peanut.. ahh then it came to me he wants his usual 汤圆..
So after dinner we went to NTUC and bought the frozen type... With the peanut soup.. I added some osmanthus for frangrance, (oops I have no more rice wine residue else I can do the Suzhou style 酒酿汤圆)..

And this is what we got

seen the greenish yellow bites.. those are the osmanthus..

And today I rolled some of the tang yuan in sesame seeds.. for the extra fragrance..

And some in black sesame powder...

BTW, my tang yuan is with black sesame filling.. I love the nice nice taste of the sesame....
Yummm .. waiting for dear to come bk from his jog and we can "赏月"with the round as moon dumpling... thou.. we really have no moon view from the house hehe

Happy Moonie Festival to all