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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Little Baked Donuts

A friend, K, gave me a silicon donut holder couple of weeks back during the donut frenzy period... But thats also the mooncake craze going on.. and so I put this little project aside.. till now.

Mayb Im not such a bread person and thus I have no continuous urge to try it out..

Today, after a short day out..and teaching my 2 little impy sisters how to do muach chee atmum house.. on the way home... dear asked me what am I gg to do tomolo... suddenly donut came to my mind... then for no reason.. I told him... I gonna bake donut when I get home LOL.. arent I suppose to b having my day off today?? hmmm

Anyway I skipped my way to the supermart since I have no yoghurt at home which the recipe required. My anxiety to make the donut fast cause me to accidentaly add more salt than needed... Anyway... Heres my little mini donut...

Somehow I see my friends donut are much browner. mayb thatsbecos they use metal mould and I used silicon ones?? They taste ok exept for the salt... And I try again with haf a recipe but full egg remains.. then the texture was slightly off.. dear prefer the 1st batch... then again he still dont fancy donut. Haiz what to do... I tink they are gg to the bin tomolo =(

Nonetheless I think its pretty fun to do these little ones... and I am now gg to continue to search for recieps to fully utilise the mould =)