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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Goodies from Vietnam

Angie came back with these goodes for me few days ago... According to her.. its VERY addictive.. whats the goodie all about??

Check it out

Papaya Crisp
crispy and a bit sweetish.. yummm

The packaging

I have not seen papaya crisp in this way... I onli dream of my durian chips LOL

and then here is the addictive one...

Lotus Seed Chips (err or pops u call it its its not sliced)

Hehe.. looks CUTE rite.. I tot it look a bit obscene while snappign poto of it.. hehe then again its yeumy =) .. v light.. and crispy.. the moisture totaly gone... tat y so light yea.. pop pop pop... thats hw i ate it hehe

I got 500g of them... yummy... Healthy too... no salt no oil... high in fibre

So now.. if u go to Vietnam.. u know what to buy for ur family yeahhh