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Monday, October 08, 2007

Spoilt Rotten

Eversince I found my way to my bottle of kirsch.. I know I been spoilt rotten... I bought this for the sake of my Black Forest Cake... which is an all time favourite at home with my sisters n parents. I rem before I started baking.. most of the birthday celebration at home will be black forest cake fr the bakeries.

Finaly when I got to make my black forest cake last month for Rachel's birthday... I added loads of kirsch to it... the smell of cherry is soo fragrant at same time inviting. REGRETTING only eating a small slice that time.. I was determine to do another Black Forest for me and my family to eat...
Its not a gd choice of cake this tiem round.. WHY? cos.. I cannot add too much kirsch this time round if I want to let Serene eat it as well since she is preggy and cannot take too much alcohol.
While I was icing the cake.. the smell of cherry was barely there... I took a slice after realising prob I shouldnt be icing it since the smell kind of affected my mood... NO alcohol=no mood
and I proceed with a slice of cake... haiz... Im really SPOILT.. i dont like this cake..despite I ate the whole slice up... the smell of cherry is clearly absent.
I am gg to make 1 more black forest in few days time.. this time round.. with MORE kirsch.. I DONT CARE.. my craving have not been satisfied...
This spoilt brat here.. clearly shows she willnot eat outside black forest again... not unless its the authentic German Black forest loaded with kirsch
Now I wonder hw am I gg to survive if 1 day I am like Serene... cannot take alcohol for 1 yr or more... =(