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Sunday, July 08, 2007


After years of hunting for this via various DFS.. and still failed, fina;y i decided to settle for this localy... well nt too bad..

This is actualy cherry liquere.. and its often use when u make black forest cake. of cos the black forest U buy from the normal cake shop probably will not contain this. Too expensive to add them in i guess.
This bottle here is BOLS brand.. its a very establish brand.. in fact they have various flavour and even my favourite lychee flavour.. maybe I should buy that too and make my lychee martini hehee... SLURP

anyway.. finaly with this.. I tink nxt week's black forest cake order will be even mroe exciting than before... I got the order to make Zack's bday cake... mummy zack wants the vlack forest cake.. and they are inviting me to their party as ewll. and I think i want to bake sth to bring along for them too =)

Looking forward to using this liquere