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Sunday, June 24, 2007

New York Cheesecake(light version)

I hardly get my butt so fast down to making cheesecake since well...most of the time they will not b eveninly brown.. and then also end up cracking like no body business... and today of cos its as usual... crack crack crack.. but brown evenly... a bit too brown i tot... and with the efficient girl photoshoping the poto.. hehe.. now the crack is gone

well at least nt so bad ahaa.. this time round cracks form on the side... then again.. the cake was really soft n light... realy unlike real new york cheesecake.. guess I need to tweak recipe a bit more sinc ei think ic an smell the eggy smell... or is it the cheese? let mi chill it 1st before I decide
I cant wait but slice them up while its still warm to snap a poto..chillign them faster in smallerpiece so we can have it for supper later