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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Earl Grey Checkered Cake

Took me record time(looong time) to fin up making this cake.

Anyway shall not elaborate on the unhappy things for if I get unhappy that 'lost soul' will only get happier...

So Here... Finaly

Made use of my wilton checkered tin again to attempt this, thou i must say its not really necessary so long as u got 2 cake ring of diff size work as well.
I did this sponge cake for the 1st time, and im impressed.. look like this weekend durian cake i shall use this sponge.
Topping was a failure..somehow it din set well enuff.. end up the side gt no more chocolate..
Of cos I am havign bad sore throat now.. for the frosting make mi have the immediate effect once again.. I need Godiva Dark Bitter chocolate....
I am givign this cake to 3 friends today, 2 friends are named Linda, and of cos Angie. Savign 1 piece for dear, perhaps I will give 1 to Amrita as well to let her try... Many Thanx for her help to revamp my little home here a little... thanx girl... I really learnt alot from you... study hard ok!!!