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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fresh Lemon

Sour stuff.. thats always top on my list.. I love them all...
Mango, strawberry, lychee.. I love them all sour... so of cos.. I love lemon too

These lemon are nothg out of the ordinary.. Just simple lemon.. except that.. they are sooo fresh looking (I have never seen them so fresh before in NTUC), I cant help but blog bout them

Most of the time I will buy a couple like 5 of them... and they will always be so helpful to me... I make lemon curd out of its juice, zest is also used. Cut them in slices add to my iced cold water, the remains after I jucied them .. will sit on my sink for 1 day.... deodourising the kitchen from the smell.. as well as brighten up my sink since my sink is make of solid material in beige... loads of stain sometimes...