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Thursday, May 31, 2007


The craze of macaron is catching up.. after reading up and accumulating tips for almost a mth.. today I pluck up enuff courage to do them.

1st attempt was the Matcha favour

I managed to grow 'feets/skirts' on the macaron which is what is required.

2nd batch, chocolate macarons

I think I overmix this batch..the batter was more runny... and thus the mac were wrinkled and spread a little... still a bit soft...

I was so happy to see the feet/skirts since all my friends say they are a must else they are not macaron. I will try this again.. want to get the hard n firm type!

1 thing thou.. this thing is freaking sweet... and to make it a bit sweeter.. i fill them with icecream..thus makin icecream macaron

Idealy, I think I want some tangy sourish filling for the mac to balance off the sweet taste...
Verdict: will try again...

Footnote: Dear call this.. 'the thing w legs' hahaa.. thou he prob know its call macarons.. but he jus wan to b funnie w my thg w legs heheee
we ate the icecream filling ones... yum yum.. sth different...