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Monday, May 28, 2007

New Apron==Forever Friends

Last week at a gathering... a forumer friend "I" gave me this as a gift.. Was really surprise by the gesture since we probably dun even know each other well. But she say its to thank me for all the effort on the sprees and such... Thank you very much my friend. Its nice to get to know allof you

I went home and take out the gift, it was an apron.. "Forever Friends' print... looks really sweet.. and the best part is, its pvc backing.. so I dun hav to worry my clothes get wet fr the wet apron.

I did not open the hwole thing up till todaywhen I finaly got my chance... and guess what....

See... so pretty.... the sunflower is actualy a pocket... hehe

The bigger surpise came... the back of the apron looks like this

The typical jap/korean kind I like but cant find.. Now.... I dunno if i can bear to use it.. for its very light in colour.. so scare i stain it leh...

Thanx again my friend... I hope to meet up with all of u again