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Sunday, May 20, 2007

GoodWood Park Durian Puff n Wafer

Out of Curiosity, we went to buy the durian puff today.. since I made some the other day.. and I had some very good reviews. I thought, since GWP hotel ones are soooo famous-licious..maybe I shld try and copy .... so enthusiatiscally, dear and I went to buy.. 1st i ask for 6 pcs of puff and a wafer. The wafer is actualy 2 piece of wafer biscuit and sandwiching a piece of ice cream alike durian pulp. Actualy i tink the ice cream man along orchard road sells better durian wafer if u allow mi to call that wafer instead of ice-cream. and it only cost a dollar.. those at GDP.. the wafer is like 6.50 ok... wah piang..can buy 6 icecream and 2 packet of tissue lor...

Anyway, the wafer is no big deal.. forget it.. its dear who wanted it anyway.. at 1st wanted the durian slice but out of stock. so no choice let him have the wafer. I can do a better job... except that I dunno where to buy wafer biscuit lor... anyone can tell me where????

Now... back to the puffy puff. Since Rachel's colleagues commented that my puff is hard... hahaa.. let mi tell u all.... I think thou mine is not as soft as those selling say maybe at angie's choice. But definitely better than most of them.. why????

Look at this

This is what I paid for, at $1.80 per piece.
Taste: the puff are HARD, and dry. when I say hard, they are really hard... probably when u drop them they will break into 2. errrr.. almost like egg shell. The filling..thou they are BIG, however, there is no texture of creaminess. Its just 1 whole lump of pulp and a little cream mix into it with little taste at 1st.

What I think is, either I so sway, got some left over puff from 2 days ago, which is already froze bitten. Or they really add somethg to it to preserve it till someone comes along to buy it. Basically the whole thg is dry. for $1.80.. which prob u fin in 2 bite.. and leaving no sense of satisfaction.

What I feel: is that durian puff shld be creamy, the cream of the durian should taste wonderful rich, and yet satisfying. With no sense of guilt(fromt he whatever cream u mix it with).

I think for now.. Im still giving my own durian puff 2 thumbs up (which is very rare).. I will priced my puff same price as GWP. I think its a close match if not better than them.

Im glad i did not proceed to buy the durian mousse cake which is priced at $6.90 a piece, or $45 per 1.3kg. MY OWN durian cake is more worth the money. DEFINITELY.