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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Kimchi making today. As usual. bug Pris many times bout it.. finaly she send mi a recipe out of agaration.. and so i 'jelly jelly' do it...

Its not difficult actualy.. U just need to convince urself to eat the raw fermented veggies (which I hardly ever did) and so. no choice.. I make myself buy veggies from CS instead of NTUC.. their veggies always seems nicer, fresher, cleaner..and of cos MORE expensive. Came bk with a big wong bak, some spring oniong... carrots...

After 4 hours of salting the wong bak.. they are soft enuff to proceed to applying the chilli paste on them... I try to use a spatula.. alas.. spatula.. garang gabok... some part of leaves no paste..end up with using my hands.. and Out come my big glass jar. which Dea got me for making rice wine.. now it come to good use again.. to make these yummy kimchi.

After i rolled them nicely (ok quite nicely to mys tandard ok) I ask dear if they do look like kimchi.. He reply: a little.. come come smell I said... smell like kimchi?? he say YES hahaha... Yeahh.... He very helpful.. the next thing he said was.. put in the storeroom lar! haha.. ok ok in to the storeroom u go kimchi.. I see u in a day's time...

Meanwhile... heres how it looks like just after I roll and put them in the jar

After 4 days... this is what i get from the fridge

Gave some to Ginny.. and she smsed me to tell mi they r good. her colleagues enjoyed them alot. Im so happy.. Thanx Pris for recipe. If u want to try... the recipe is here
this is done on 20th June