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Friday, May 11, 2007

Peng Kueh

I always like glutinous rice... However strangely enuff.. I never like this kueh .
Dear love it with kecap manis on it after being pan fry... 3rd aunt asked mi ocne if I know how to do this ... well..she kind of spurred mi on to try =)

After much procastination, my friend M(she prefer not to be known) gave me this recipe on wedsnesday.. together with the flour! (how can I not do it rite?), and thus.. I made them today =) just in time for dear since he is coming back.

Silly me did sth wrong to the dough.. and well.. the skin din turn out as soft n sticky as it should be... a little hard thats all =p

Overall.. the taste is good =) I only have the very minipeng kuehmould.. not easy to wrap since its so tiny.. can be finished in 2 bites =)
Oh yes..the poto.. was a surprise by Ling.. she edited it and email me hehe... thus Im posting this poto instead..thanx Ling.. muackz