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Saturday, April 28, 2007


I wanted a simple dinner..mainly because after 2 days of 'off' im still feeling lazy.. wanting to play w my new toy.. the metal skwers.. I decided to do kebabs.

Went to CS to look for mutton.. but they dun hav.. onli got the boneless one which was huge and expensive. Ended up with 250g of pork loin...

With my capsicums and borcolli I bought the other day, skwered them up and with button mushrooms as well...

Pretty easy... I got the inspiration for my spanish cookbook.

pork loin,
bacon(i ommited this as i dont have any)
veggies such as capsicum,
fresh or canned mushroom

baking soda

Marinate pork with baking soda for an hour.. wash it off.. and add the below marinate.
This help to soften the pork..
White wine,
olive oil,
coarse salt
some mix herbs(I use oregano and thyme)

Just marinate the pork with the above.. reserve the "juice"
Skewer them accordingly as u want.. and grill in oven for 10 mins, flip over and grill another 5 min. Basting it with the left over 'juices' fr the marinate.

Tip: if u arre afraid the meat will stick on ur wire grill, brush some veinegar on it before u lay the skewered meat on it... works nicely... Can be use on BBQ pit wire mesh too =).. ur chicken wing will come out nicely with skin intact.

Was afaraid dear wun like this as he dun like pork.. he might find it too hard.. Who knows he ate the kebab faster than me! looks like the baking soda works hehee..