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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Our korean dinner... my 1st attempt...

Thanx to Pris who let mi bug her so many tiems askign this n that... thou not as nice as hers... but well.. reallybetter than some shops hahaa.. no bragging....
Just a rough guide to how to cook it.. since I also agar agar...
for the meat marinate:
2 tbsp gochujang(korean chilli paste)
some sugar to taste,
1/4 grated korean pear,
sesame seeds.
Marinate them together and bring to cook.
Fry an egg and top it on ur rice.
Stir fried some chye sim and carrot. No salt needed.
Stir fry some mushroom, sprinkle some salt (Pris say it makes the sappy taste fr the mushy go away)
U can also stir fry soem big bean sprouts..which I cant get...
Arrange them nicely on the bowl ..toss and eat!!