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Sunday, June 03, 2007


I love otah... be it in banana leaves, or in bread... I have a soft spot for them... Mostof the time I will buy them at pasar malam.. and eat them while walking home.

Moving to Punggul allows me to explore more food supplies. Once, I passed by Jalan Kayu, saw a otah supplier... well.. I been buying from them ever since.. not in banana leaves, but in tubs... They sell the otah paste like 1kg for $16.. most of the time I will buy 1/2kg, bring home and prob fin them within 2 days... steam them ina bowl and eat as "pudding"..Hahaa

Of cos they do sell in stick form.. but I want to save the hassle of takign them out of the leaves...

Another otah I like, is Lee Wee brothers Otah. 1st eaten them when I order some for BBQ at Bintan.. yes we like to have BBQ when we go to Bintan.. so Otah is allmost a must buy.. This time round.. I have ordered 35 pieces... jus enuff to go around for the 7 adults. 1 thign thou.. I always get the runs after I eat this otah... I guess Im pretty much allergic to one of the key ingredients they use.. what ingredients? I dunno... Secret right??