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Friday, June 08, 2007

Simple Pasta

Did a very simple pasta today

Actualy I am suppos eto cook it last week ... somehow witht he chain of events I have.. only can do it today.. and this not to be consume today anyway.. its for dear to bring to work tomolo.. he will be on duty, so this is a good time to make him a nice box of pasta...

Having done pasta for so many years... its always on n off that I get the right taste... maybe my standard too high like wat my friend says.. this dish.. I follow ah mah's recipe... add the raw garlic at the very end... well.. it does really make a difference.. esp, I aded 2 bulb of garlic in all for 1 1/2 portion of pasta.. looks like the vampire will get off me for the next 2 days hehe
Note: ah mah... u know who u r hor?? *wink*