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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Healthy Snacks

Many Months ago, Angie told me bout this all so expensive snack...
I rem we went Carrefour and she got this snack for her holiday munching.
When I saw the packaging, wah look so pretty.. price tag also pretty.. $5plus per bag... I almost want to faint.. but its supposed to be healthy said Angie.

Anyway, I did nto get a chance to try this snack..cos I simply REFUSE.. ppl who know me will know.. I always refuse to give in to expensive snack(apart from my durian chips whcih I dun even see now)..

However, many mth down the road... recently at the petril kiosk, dear and I saw this snack.. ar $4plus.. well slightly cheaper i guess.. Dear insisted on buying for mi try(maybe he is the one who wan to eat haha). he keep telling me its nice its nice.. so I said I heard bout it but too ex lar.. anyway.. we still bought... and seems like he like it alot.. and well of cos I dun mind him eating this.. Better than eatting ruffles n pringles rite? its it have NO TRANSFAT.. yeahhhh I love this sentence.. very impt since dear snack alot nowadays...

So last nite, when I was on errands at Giant, I hear dsomeoen said, so cheap... being SINGAPOREAN..when u hear word so cheap.. u prob wan to kaypo bout it... haaha I saw this whoel lot of chips at the basket.. on offer... 1 for 1 leh.. not too bad yeah.. so I grab for for dear.. he will b shock when he come back... hehe
Anyway at least he eat I wun feel guilty lar... hehe

Here is how the real chips in the bag look like