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Friday, October 12, 2007

Soba with a Twist

Dear prob love noodle more than rice most of the time.. and I guess top on ih slist now.. will be cold noodle... he hate piping hot food.. Very different from me.. Seeing he haven got much appetite.. and complains of being moody... I thought soba will b good for him again... . But to make Cha Soba again.. I wasnt very willing since it seem too often to eat it... I rem I came across a recipe on the web that combine both the jap n korean dish together (gee.. my korean craving is coming back again).. But somehow I cant find it... so I resorted to cook it by impression...

well... a little spicy with the help of the go chu jang... and some sweetness fromt he sugar... and the plum sauce help to crub the nasty fiery taste... its nice.. and dear obviously like it too..

And the nutty taste of the buckwheat is as fragrant... Topped it with the korean super fragrant sesame... GIVE me more =)

Before I forget how I did it... better record it down



1tbsp brown sugar
3tsp Gochujang
3tbsp of soy sauce
3tbsp(or more) water
1tbsp plumsauce

Mix well together.

5big Garlic(u can reduce if u want...)
Loads of sesame
Buckwheat noodle
and anythg else u want

1. Boil noodle and cool in it a bowl of ice water to prevent over cooking.. I tink I cook for 4 mins.
2. Heat pan up with sesame oil, add garlic n sesame and fry till fragrant.
3. Add the veggies, mushroom etc... till almost cook..
4. Add in sauce and let simmer till done... taste it.. if u like it more spicy jus add more gochujang.
5. Drain noodle from cold water.. and Pour sauce over. Top with more sesame seeds.
Mix well... Best serve warm.. not too hot.